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Unique Qualities

Unique Qualities

Eliad Holy Land Olive Oil’s olive groves are innovatively planted and shaped by pruning and thinning to allow high-volume mechanical pickers to harvest the fruit without human contact. This means the olives are picked at the most advantageous time, when the fruit is perfectly ripe, for producing superior olive oil.


The exceptional combination of high picking output by the mechanical equipment, the olive press’s close proximity to the orchards (only about twenty kilometers away), and the great productivity of the olive pressing system in the plant, significantly reduces the time between harvesting the olives and the stage of storing the oil in containers, to about three hours. The lapse of time between these stages is one of the most important factors in determining the oil’s acidity and quality.


Eliad Holy Land Olive Oil treats the olives with extreme care: they are not made to wait between stages throughout the process. The result, by means of cold pressing and a single extraction, is Extra Virgin Olive Oil of extremely low acidity. Eliad oil bears a seal of quality from the Plant Council’s olive department.


High-End Technology


The quality of olive oil is distinguished by its flavor, aroma and level of acidity. The taste and aroma are determined by the olive strain from which the oil is produced, the type of soil and the climate. The level of acidity is determined by the quality of the fruit, the oil production process and the type of decanter.


Modern olive oil decanters throughout the world may be divided into two main kinds: three-phase and two-phase. In the first kind, water is added as part of the process and “washes” away some of the flavor and aroma of the oil. In contrast, in a two-phase decanter the olives are crushed and separated into oil and wet olive waste. That way, the oil retains its flavor and aroma, and the oil produced is of a higher quality.
Eliad Holy Land Olive Oil uses the two-phase method in order to obtain the highest quality olive oil.


Besides the advanced oil extraction machinery system, Eliad Holy Land Olive Oil is equipped with sophisticated bottling machinery that make it possible to fill bottles and canisters of different shapes and sizes.