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Our products

Our products

Five different strains of olive trees are grown and cultivated in the
Eliad Holy Land Olive Oil olive groves:


originating from southern Greece. Its fruit is small and the oil produced from it has a delicate, mild flavor.


a Spanish variety that spread to Andalusia from the Holy Land in the 17th century. Its oil is mild, free of sharpness and bitterness.


a very high-quality strain of olive developed in the Holy Land, whose oil is pungent, aromatic and slightly bitter.


from southern Italy, with a strong fruity flavor and slightly bitter tinge, of especially high quality.


originating in southern France, particularly high-quality oil featuring a fruity-herbaceous taste with a touch of bitterness.


House Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil

After the various kinds of pressed oil are stored in containers and their flavors stabilize, the oil from each container is tasted by experts. The flavor, aroma and texture are assessed in a sensory evaluation process. Some is bottled as single-variety oil, which preserves the flavors and aroma characteristic of the variety from which the oil was produced. And some of the oil is mixed with other varieties to create excellent original oils – resulting in
Eliad Holy Land Olive Oil’s house blend.