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About Us

Eliad Holy Land Olive Oil  is housed on rich basalt lands in the northern Holy Land.
Olive trees have been growing there for thousands of years; the remnants of ancient oil presses from various historical periods still dot the landscape, testifying to how perfectly suitable the geographical region is for olive cultivation.
The soil composition, water quality, altitude and climate in this part of the world have proven themselves the most conducive to outstanding olive growing.
The oil pressed at  Eliad Holy Land Olive Oil  has won numerous prizes, both domestically and internationally, including prestigious awards at TerraOlivo 2012, the Mediterranean International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition.


For more information about Eliad Holy Land Oilve Oil Medals and Awards >


Eliad Holy Land Olive Oil ’s vision from the get-go has been producing world-class olive oil that is singular in taste, texture and quality. To that end, it established a combination agricultural-industrial plant, a rarity in the country, that enables meticulous planning of the oil production process and full control over each and every stage – from choosing the optimal plots of land for planting olive groves and selecting the varieties of olives and the saplings; to careful cultivation, picking, transport to the olive press, crushing and bottling; up through marketing the oil locally and abroad.

Eliad Holy Land Olive Oil  does all this under strict supervision and in accordance with the highest standards of quality assurance. The result is the finest olive oil and the most highly regarded brand in the Holy Land.